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The idea of founding this agency was imposed step-by-step, as result of our long experience and discoveries we made, as well as, after our meeting withsome intelligent people of different nationalities.

For our residence, we choose Tryavna – a small city in central Bulgaria, Which we become to know and where we have been charmed by the natural and serene manner of life of its habitants.

Our polylingual and experienced Team is ready to welcome and help you to discovery and share this manner of life, more authentical and preserved, especially in these areas around Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Lovetch, Elena.

That why, we’d like to offer you our properties and services, in order to guide you through this country in full mutation, that probably, you don’t know very well.

Except of properties for sale/rent, shown on our site, we are able to organize for you, multiple possibilities of stay in accordance with your desires or hobbies connected with culture, sport….

Do you know for example, that the Bulgarian soil is rich in waters having much curative qualities, a reason that many balneological and SPA resorts was build.

You will be surprised that the nature abounds in many fruits and vegetables with wonderful natural tastes, one other reason that may incite you to come and stay here for long time.

In this case, we are ready to help you in your research, choice and acquisition of your property, as well as, to assist you in all procedures that must be followed.

After purchase, if you wish, we are able to supervise your property in case of your absence, or ménage it maintenance or some other works if they are needed.

Now, feel free to see our site and solicit us, we are here to assist you and let us have more detailed information, concerning all your demands.


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